Red Velvet – SAPPY

So, Red Velvet released a new Japanese single and I could barely wait to talk about it!

Compared to #CookieJar, this one comes off as less energetic – even though it is still a quite lively song – and more tame, especially in the melody. It’s much more elegant and gracious than the previous one, mixing Red’s visual side with Velvet’s beat. However, once again, it has a very happy and quick rythym. The instrumental of the whole song also makes it so much fun to listen to, bringing the mood up through it all.

I’ve seen some people complain about the chorus and while I can see their side, I love it. The way the girls sing it sounds absolutely adorable and the repetition of “Sappy, sappy, too cutie, cutie” doesn’t bother me at all and it is actually quite catchy.

Lyrically wise, the song is sang to a boy that is lost in his daydreaming habits and is quite happy. They ask him what does he love more, them or another woman. While I was listening to the song and trying to understand their words, there are times where they seem to slightly mock or maybe infantilize the boy that they are “interrogating”.

The music video was beautiful, even though a bit messy at times. Regarding the choreography, I am intrigued to see any live performance of this song since it is quite energetic. They all looked lovely and there wasn’t a single moment where they seemed to be overshadowed by each other. What I mean, is that, at least in the music video, they all had a bit of time to shine.

I rate this song an 8/10.


The Dreadful First Post


Welcome to The Rabbit Reviews!
I’m the owner of this blog and I’m a bit scared to actually start being active here, but it has always been something I have wanted to do.

I have been a fan of K-pop for a few years and I’ve enjoyed Japanese songs and anime for even more and I would like to share my opinions on these sort of things!

I can’t promise I’ll give the most professional review, I’m just someone who thoroughly enjoys music and shows!

I hope you will support me. ♥️

Chung Ha – 벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)

So this beautiful girl just released a solo in the begining of 2019 and I felt the absolute need to talk about it.

I’ve never been really a fan of her style of music but this one amazed me. I am having a very hard time describing the sound she used, but it is at the same time something that remembers me songs prior to 2000 and modern music as well. The only flaw with the melody is that it quickly becomes a bit too repetitive for my taste.

This is a track that is incredibly sensual and elegant compared to her previous ones. This mature theme fits her and her new image very well, not looking awkward at all.

When it comes to the lyrics, she sings about the person she is completely head over heels with. She is surprised that they have so much in common, even in the little things, and she mourns the fact that she needs to send them away, because it’s already 12 o’clock.

I liked the music video more than the others, but the choreography just wasn’t anything special, nothing really stood out, in my opinion. It wasn’t bad at all and everyone looked amazing while performing. However, it was a bit too simple and too similar to the other ones.

I rate this song a solid 8/10.

Monsta X – Rush Mini Album

I’ll be reviewing Monsta X’s album called Rush.

Rush : The song is honestly fun to listen, but I think that I speak for everyone when I say that those beeping sounds can get annoying. Jooheon and I.M.’s rap is great in the begining, but, to be honest, this isn’t one of their strongest title tracks as a group by far. They’ve done much better. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad song, it’s just weaker and forgettable when compared to so many great others they have. The song is about them singing to someone to only focus on them and not on the other guys and that’s pretty much it. Again, it’s not inherently bad, but they have better songs. The MV is really fun, it’s basically the group doing silly things and looking good to impress this one girl. The choreography is fun and energetic, it matches the vibe of the song.


HERO : This song is amazing! I fell in love with it immediately and it was one of the reasons why I started following this group closely. The vocal line shows their colours here, even though I wish they could let Hyungwon shine a little bit more. Jooheon’s rap is insanely good and the way they put a drop in the end of it, making it even more badass. The lyrics are actually way more romantic than the melody entails, but I think that makes it better and hilarious at the same time?


Perfect Girl : It’s the sensual token song! This is one of my favourites of them though. The beat and their voices transform everything around the listener while it’s playing. The vocal line’s voices are so honey-like and warm that they are capable of melting all hearts, honestly. Lyrically, Monsta X basically sings about how they are losing their mind over this beautiful woman.


Amen : This song follows the vibe of its previous song but it softens it and now we have a sweet and cute song. It’s super relaxing to listen to and I.M.’s rap is so enjoyable to hear. It’s an adorable song about wanting to show off and spending time with your significant partner.


Gone Bad : Everything shifts again and we’re back to the fun. Monsta X presents itself with another hip hop song with a fun beat and it made me feel so energetic. This style suits them a lot and they send such a powerful vibe with just this track alone.


Broken Heart : The last song of the album is a ballad where each member gets to show at least a bit of his talented voice and they did an amazing job. The song is quite slow and the piano that accompanies them gives a sorrowful energy to the whole thing. While I was studying the lyrics, I realized how incredibly deep this song actually is. It is about someone who’s trying to move on, they can’t forget the one they loved who has seemingly completely forgotten them. They basically mourn the fact that they can no longer get this person back no matter what they do.


Average Rate : 7/10

I really enjoyed this album a lot, but I think that the style of it was a bit all over the place. What I mean is, for example, when comparing the style of Amen to Gone Bad, they’re nothing alike. I think that they should have changed the positions of the songs to give a bit of more cohesion. Regardless, it’s a pretty good album.

Recommended Songs : Hero & Broken Heart